USU’s 50 Most Influential Aggies

50 most influential

USU's 50 Most Influential Aggies

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  1. Someone

    You missed a lot of good folks who do direct service on campus and replaced them with people who are “involved” with student government and have a lot of “followers”

    • Richard

      50 people on a campus of several thousand is really easy to miss people. Next year I’m sure the Statesman will love to see you participate in the nomination process that was open for several weeks. These 50 were not chosen by the Statesman, but by nominations from the students, faculty and staff.

  2. Someone else

    I can’t believe you would make this list and only include one service learning scholar aka graduates that have completed over 350 hours of community service plus a capstone project improving resources on campus. Pratt misses the mark again! And once again we see a student government circle jerk of telling each other how special they are

    • Morgan Pratt

      The 50 were chosen because that’s who were nominated in our polls. We gathered more than 1,300 nominations from three different surveys.

  3. Angry Aggie

    My question is whether the “nominations” were just used as a popularity vote. After people were nominated, what was the process in selecting which of the 1,300 nominations were featured in the selection? Was it just based off of who’s name came up the most times? If so, this is just an arbitrary popularity contest with little or no value. If there was a deeper selection process, it would be in the Statesman’s best interest to be transparent about the process and how exactly the list of was narrowed down from 1,300 to 50. If you ask me, more than half of the people on this list don’t deserve to be on here.

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