Utah State football: sunshine or rainstorm?


So far this season, we’ve seen the Aggies get thrashed by Wisconsin 59-10 and we’ve seen the Aggies thrash Idaho State 51-13.


That makes sense. Wisconsin is a College Football Playoff contender while Idaho State, well, is not. Utah State lives somewhere in the middle of the two.


The problem is that is a MASSIVE spectrum of ability. We’ll find out more about the Aggies in subsequent weeks against Wake Forest and San Jose State, but for now, it’s opinion time.


Where is your opinion of Aggie football currently reside? The gloomy rainstorm of surrendering 59 straight points to Wisconsin? Or the sunny paradise of annihilating Idaho State by 38 points?


Let us know where you think Utah State will be heading for the rest of the season in the comments.

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