Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men


Valentine’s day is generally associated with couples spending time together, while making their single friends acutely and uncomfortably aware of their loneliness.  A common Valentine’s Day tradition is the giving of gifts to love ones. Valentine’s Day gifts for girls are pretty traditional, with flowers, jewelry, and chocolates being readily available everywhere, but guys are usually left out. Shopping without a list for the the guy in your life can be hard, so to aid you in your gift seeking for your man, here is gift idea list:


  • Tools—Everyone should have at least a basic tool kit to aid in small home and hobby projects. Despite the number of tools he might have, every man can use more. Help him build his tool kit by buying socket wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, drills, and files,.


  • Clothes—Guys need to wear clothes. A lot of guys really appreciate smaller items that subtly highlight their personality or make them seem more interesting, thus socks are always a safe option. Most guys will also appreciate a nice tie, shirts, or pants. Think about their style and shop accordingly.


  • Jewelry—We generally don’t think about men wearing jewelry, but it really helps them feel classy. Consider buying a nice watch, metal collar stays, a tie pin/clip and cufflinks. As far as watches go, wood watches are very classy.


  • Make Dinner—Some guys aren’t materialistic and won’t actually appreciate gifts, but most people appreciate food. It means a lot if you take time to learn the taste preferences of an individual and cook for them, especially if it’s a surprise. Perhaps you can cook them a favorite childhood meal, or a memorable meal the two of you have shared. It’s not so much about the quality of the meal, but rather the thought that went into it.


  • Chic Journal—Now not all guys write, but most can get behind the idea of having a classy journal. Leatherbound is always prefered, and maybe they’ll use it to write about times the two of you were together.


  • Books—Now there are quite a few people that will claim that they don’t enjoy reading, this is untrue. When people say they hate reading, they mean they hate reading books from an English class. People like reading about things that they’re interested or passionate in. Find out what your man is interested in and get him a book about that.


  • Poker Set—Because poker is manly. He might not know how to play poker, but initiate a new passion and buy him a set of cards and chips.






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