Things to do in Logan after dark


Logan is a city proud of its hiking trails, mountainous landscape, winter sports and most importantly, the still, quiet nights that are rarely unbothered besides the occasional college party.

“This city has no night life, unless you’re in a fraternity or the USUSA throws a special party like the Howl,” said Aditya Chauhan, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and a computer science major who enjoys excitement. “You need special connections or you can’t really find anything to do in Logan after 11.”

But don’t get discouraged about the city’s night life just yet. Here’s a list of activities that will definitely make you “whoo” like a true night owl.

Thrill Seekers

If you find yourself fidgeting with boredom that not even Netflix can control, “thrill seeking” places might be for you.

1. North Logan Wal-Mart, 1550 N Main St.

Some might wonder why Wal-Mart is numero uno on the list, but there is a reason why it is called Wally World. It is a term used by fanatical shoppers who can’t seem to get enough, and also a circus of sorts for consumers of all shapes, sizes and colors who want to buy guns, toys, knives or even see a mechanic. It is called the Walmart obsession, which is an affliction that affects a person who has been in the store for too long and now visits multiple times at any hour day or night.

You can see people dressed like they’re the main attraction filling up shopping carts for no reason and leaving them at certain locations, redressing mannequins as they see fit, or even see kids having duels with tubes of gift wrap. It is an enigma that sucks you in like the Twilight Zone and doesn’t let you go until you’ve made that first lap and/or bought numerous items you didn’t really need. South Walmart receives an honorable mention since it is farther from the USU campus.

2. Logan Lanes, 1161 N. Main Street

This hot spot for ninepins has 16 lanes, is family friendly and is open until midnight Sunday-Thursday and one hour later on Friday and Saturday. It also has a diner named Mike’s Grill that serves various food, including burgers and their famous fresh-cut fries. It makes it a great place to take a date or to have a group activity late at night. Did I mention it has three billiards tables?

3. Cache Valley Fun Park, 255 E 1770 N

Cache Valley Fun Park comes in at a close third only because they’re open past midnight on only Mondays and Wednesdays for swing dancing, which goes from 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. But they are open on Friday and Saturday until midnight. They boast a plethora of activities to choose from, including bowling, 80s night, hockey night, roller blading/skating, a jungle gym, laser tag, billiards and many other special events. There is no doubt that this place will have you going non-stop all night.

Late-Night Eaters

We all know about the popular late night establishments such as Denny’s, McDonald’s, Beto’s and IHOP, but what about those after-dark restaurants that no one really gives credit? I’ve got just the places to hit to satisfy that late-night hunger bug.

4. Buffalo Wild Wings, 43 E 1400 N, Logan

Ahhh, good ol’ Buffalo Wild Wings, or B-dubs as it is popularly referred to, is a tantalizing place. No matter if you’re hungry or not, you will most likely end up eating a wing or two or three. But if you decide not eat, it is a place that is almost braggadocios the way they display their huge flat screens, just begging you to stay longer than intended. And, well, that’s okay, because they are open until 1 a.m. every day except Sunday, when patrons must leave an hour earlier. So grab some hungry friends tonight and enjoy.

5. Subway, 496 N Main St

Can you imagine being able to eat fresh for 24 hours? Well, Subway on Main Street gives you a chance to do that, beating everyone on this list in terms of availability. This establishment is open around the clock: 24 hours, 7 days a week. After studying for exams all night and all morning, this might be the place for you.

Homebodies who occasionally like to step out

Camping, bonfires, rock climbing, fishing and being one with the outdoors naturally occur in this city, and become second nature when you’ve lived here long enough. This is life and it wouldn’t be such if there weren’t a few people who just find it hard to find something that may interest them. For those picky people, I present you with:


The name says how most of us outsiders felt when we arrived in Logan. But this website actually vaunts a large, comprehensive events calendar just for the city of Logan. It claims to be the one-stop shop for date ideas, family fun and exploring Cache Valley. It includes an array of activities and a list of 500 things you can do with a date or group of friends.


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