What’s streaming?


Whether it be your parents’ account for Hulu or you’re just splitting the Netflix bill with a roommate, it’s nice to have access to a streaming service. And this October is going to have plenty of new content open to students. Read below to check it out.


“Arrow” Season Three (Oct. 7):

For fans of the show who don’t have access to live TV, this will be a relief and a great binge watch. Also if you’re looking at catching up with the new season on Netflix you will have time before the new season premiers.

“Beasts of No Nation” (Oct. 16):

This is a Netflix original movie staring Idris Elba that should be pretty good. The story is about a young man in Africa who experiences hardships and civil war. It seems intense, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, you may want to avoid it.


“Hunger Games Catching Fire” (Oct. 1):

With Netflix ending their partnership with Epix, Hulu will be getting many classic block busters like this. It’s not the newest film, but is a heart-pounding drama that anyone can enjoy.

“The Flash” season one (Oct. 7):

If you’re a fan of the super hero genre, make sure to catch the first season of “The Flash.” This series is about Barry Allen and how he deals with his new-found powers along with his new-found enemies. The second season premiers on the Oct. 6, so you won’t be able to catch up in time, unfortunately.


“Pee-wee’s Big Adventure” (Oct. 1):

This classic movie tells the story of the crazy protagonist Pee-Wee as he goes on a mission to find his bike. It’s a classic, and great if you’re babysitting nieces or nephews. Surprisingly enough, this is a Tim Burton film, and it seems people of all ages can enjoy it.

“Red Oaks” (Oct. 9):

This series is set in the ’80s and follows a teenager as he works at a country club. It has lots of stars and looks to be pretty funny. This is another Amazon original series — an increasing trend in their content so make sure to check it out.

—Riley Thompson studies marketing and is the marketing director for Aggie Radio and The Statesman. He enjoys everything about pop culture, but especially likes to write reviews on comics, movies and apps. He claims to be the No. 1 Disney fan at Utah State University and will challenge anyone who says otherwise. Contact him at rileymcmurdiethompson@gmail.com or on Twitter @RileyMthompson.